Game of Thrones: Why Bran was the right choice to rule Westeros

Game of Thrones is finally over. Nearly a decade worth of storylines came to end and we don’t know what to do with our lives now… except complain and whine and file petitions to remake the entire eighth season.

Of course, there are so many questions left unanswered. Who was the Night King? Why did he want to attack the Seven Kingdoms? What was that spiral symbol seen in the early seasons? Why the hell was Jon Snow such an idiot? Why shouldn’t this absolute moron have stayed in the cave with Ygritte in the first place? How did Arya manage to reach the Night King when he was surrounded by his commanders? Why did Tyrion become such a useless pony by the end? Why did Bran not help when he knew Dany was going to go berserk? And how on earth is he the right person to be the King of the Six Kingdoms?

Now we can nitpick a lot of things in this show. This final season has been far from perfect but it hasn’t been completely horrible as most internet noise would have you believe. For the sake of this article, we shall only focus on the last question: How on earth (seriously how?) is Bran the right fit to rule Westeros?


In one of the final scenes, a handcuffed Tyrion reasons that stories are the most powerful tool and Bran’s story is unlike anyone else’s, making him the perfect candidate for a king. It’s definitely hard to buy this logic when we have had Arya who went on an exciting, incredible and dangerous journey to train as an assassin and eventually eliminated the biggest threat to human life with a single blow, and Jon Snow who started off as a bastard, became the one to unite everyone for a larger cause, died, came back to life and was revealed as a Targaryen. Even Sansa has had a meaningful growth and come out as a strong-willed, cunning contender and a capable catalyst to contain and unite the people.

Hell, Drogon has a great story too. But unfortunately, dragons can’t be kings in a human-plagued world so that limits our options. So far, we have three finalists for the king’s position: Arya, Sansa and Jon. Bran, meanwhile, as the countless memes suggest, looks like that useless member in a group project who doesn’t work but still gets an A.

Drogon: Can I be king?

Regardless, it can be argued that he was the perfect choice to rule the kingdoms. Let’s start off with Jon. He was a prisoner at the time this decision was made. Making him king would have been unacceptable for The Unsullied and they would have killed him sooner than later. It’s only that Jon was sent off to the Night’s Watch to serve as his punishment that they were (kind of) satisfied and left. Making Jon the leader would have started another battle for no reason. And after two wars that left the kingdoms damaged, it’s best to avoid conflict.

Jon Snow

We may question: Then what was Jon’s ultimate purpose for coming back to life? Perhaps it was to kill the tyrant mad queen.

Arya has earned her title as the “baddest” badass in Westeros (Sorry Lyanna Mormont). But as she would tell you herself, she’s not the “lady-type”. She’s an assassin and an explorer. She isn’t a diplomat but a warrior and even if offered, she would have rejected the position. There is no way she would want it even though everybody loved and feared her for saving the kingdoms and countless lives.


Sansa, on the other hand, would have definitely made a good queen. But retrace her journey and one can see she is the rebel sort. She can think rationally, make diplomatic decisions, is loved by people but her independence from the usual authority is deep rooted in her.

She is essentially a second-coming of Rob Stark. And how fitting it is for the once King in the North’s sister to succeed him as the one, true Queen in the North!


Now we come to Bran the Broken. The one who could’ve literally just saved informed everyone about how it will play out and stopped the whole chaos and wars of season eight but didn’t. The one who was “warging” in the middle of the damned war, doing lord knows what while people died to save him.

But he is the all-knowing, all-seeing, encyclopedia of the world’s past, present and future. Bran is Doctor Strange. Bran is your Wikipedia. Essentially, Bran is Google. He knew what was exactly going to happen. He knew Dany will burn King’s Landing down. He knew how the wars will end and who will die and who will be left alive.

We can argue that Bran should have tried to stop it. But let’s look at it this way: In Avengers: Infinity War, Doctor Strange saw all the millions of possibilities and eventually gave the Time Stone to Thanos and save Tony Stark. He didn’t try to hinder Thanos’ rampage anymore because he knew, he saw that it will happen. Bran also knew how exactly the wars will end, how exactly Dany will come to her demise, how exactly it will all come down to choosing a new king to lead into a new future.


In contrast to Jon Snow, Bran knows it all (I mean, look at that all-knowing, far-off gaze). And there is no point refuting it or trying to change it. So many times in cinema and TV, characters try to change the prophecies and end up with exactly what they were avoiding. However, Bran is at peace and he is only playing his part in the workings of the universe. He doesn’t “want” anything anymore, not even the throne. But he knows it’s his destiny and he is meant to rule the Six Kingdoms. Bran the Broken is only passively following what’s written in the decree. That’s who he has become after years of transformation and revelations.

External factors also make him a suitable choice. Who else to lead into the future than someone who literally knows what’s going to happen? Politically, Jon would never be the right choice despite his credentials. Arya is a different beast, uninterested in the game of thrones. Sansa has her own group of people she has to lead. Tyrion is a prisoner at the time and Lannisters haven’t really had a good record as rulers lately. Bran is the only one left.

His immediate decisions after being made king show that he can maintain peace in Westeros. The guy may be seen as someone who got an A grade without much hard work but he is actually capable in other departments, has a fantastic story, is a Stark (which means people will love him), has got no dirt on himself, and to be fair, is the best and the safest choice at this point in time.

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