Asia Journalist Association’s Magazine N marks its sixth anniversary

Asia Journalist Association’s (AJA) monthly print publication ‘Magazine N’ marked its sixth anniversary in July 2019. Members of AJA(Asia Journalist Association) contribute articles to MagazineN.
The magazine follows AJA’s principles which are reflected in its motto ‘Inspiring Asia, Empowering People, Leading Change’. Its motto lays the foundation on which the organization functions to serve the vision of unbiased and ethical journalism.
The first edition of Magazine N was published in July 2013 and in all, 69 editions have been published since then, including a special issue and two bound volumes so far.
Meanwhile, Asia Journalist Association (AJA) was established in November 2011 and  focuses on the socio-political issues in Northeast Asia. It has since expanded its ground in Central Asia, the Middle East and other regions.
A large number of journalists from Asian countries as well as in other regions have worked with AJA in the pursuit of envisioning a better future of journalism in their societies as well as maintain and promote the necessity of the idea of freedom of speech.
The ideology and responsibility of AJA can be represented in eight words: ‘One Line of Truth through Sweat and Blood’.
Magazine N has put its efforts in tackling Asian issues through the points of view of Asians. It aims to provide the readers with information and insight based on facts amid the unstable atmosphere in global media, the cause of which is the conflicts between conventional journalism and the unreliability of social media.
AJA’s online portal ‘The AsiaN’ is one of the Magazine N’s sources of content. The AsiaN publishes contents in English, Arabic and Korean. With the organization’s main office located in Seoul, Korea, AJA’s activity is mainly spread in five regions: Northeast Asia, ASEAN, West South Asia, Central Asia, Middles East.
Mr. Habib Toumi, from Bahrain, is the new chief editor for the English version of The AsiaN, and is set to work on extending the organization’s activity in his region. With the idea to promote young journalists in the global field, AJA’s staff includes journalists in their 20s and 30s and ranging from Italy, Turkey, North Korea and South Korea, all of whom work with the founder of the organization, Mr. Lee Sang-ki
Lastly, the latest edition of Magazine N published a special interview with the President of Mongolia, Khaltmaa Battulga.

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