Hi, I am Rahul Aijaz.

I am a writer, filmmaker, journalist and former photographer based in Karachi, Pakistan. Previously, I have worked as the deputy editor for print and digital media outlets of Asia Journalists Association (AJA), Seoul, South Korea and most recently, lifestyle/culture reporter and film critic for The Express Tribune, Pakistan. I have done freelance work for IGN Pakistan, Classical Claps (India) and several other publications across Asia and the US.

Now that we have got that out of the way, you must be wondering what brings me here.

Well, have you ever had fish & chips for lunch and suddenly had an epiphany that you want to create a website named after the popular dish? I did. That’s how I came up with *drum roll* Film N’ Chips.

Film N’ Chips serves as my personal platform writing about two things: Film and Chips (I am serious). In the film sections, I will cover cinema from all across the world, whether it’s the latest Pakistani, Bollywood or Hollywood films or obscure films from the past that I discover. You will find film and trailer reviews, and celebrity interviews available on the website.

While Film covers my interest in cinema, Chips covers everything that’s… not film. Which is mainly professional wrestling (esp. WWE, AEW, NJPW, Lucha Underground) and other culture and lifestyle related happenings. Pretty good chips, eh?

Besides new original content, Film N’ Chips will also archive my copies of articles previously published on The Express Tribune, IGN Pakistan and other publications.

Moreover, a part of the website will serve as my filmmaking portfolio with my short films listed along with their festival + other credentials.

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